Brian C Fisher Illustrator and Graphic Artist

Brian C Fisher Art

Illustration & Graphic Design

Inspire Through Design



I offer the following services for personal or professional use:

  • Illustration
  • Visual Development & Concept Design
  • Character & Creature Design
  • Logo & Graphic Design


My name is Brian Fisher and I am a freelance illustrator and graphic designer that dabbles in various art forms, working out of Clermont, Florida. In a word...well, I can't use just one word to describe my passion. I love art and design. So much so that I have made a career out of it.

I have spent the past few years honing my craft as a professional artist. Constantly, I am researching ways to be a more diverse artist that can work with multiple art forms, all while keeping my own personal style. And since I wasn't graced with divine child-prodigy abilities, I had to teach myself everything from the tedious fundamentals to advanced technical skills that may or may not require mad wizard powers.

And now, feast your eyes on the works I have produced. And I'm just getting started. New adventures and opportunities excite me, so feel free to contact me if you're interested in creating unique and awesome things together!


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